MRK9 Pitbull Training Demonstration Videos (circa 2007)

  1. Quinn Aguirre

    Very impressive. Down here in Atlanta area and there is a
    very bad rap on the breed. I am a Pit owner and seeking you’re type
    of training services. Would you be know of anyone that can come
    close to what you’ve displayed here in the Atlanta area? Much
    appreciated. Quinn

  2. Raphael

    I agree with Quinn. Your training program has demonstrated the best results so far in comparison to many other dog training programs. I also admire the fact that you do not eliminate aggression, where the dog may feel obligated to be a teddy bear instead of a pitbull. I live in the NY area and i am also looking for any recommendations as to who u think may offer a program similar to yours. Thanks in advance. Raphael.

  3. jahsim 112

    yall chicago boys got this thing on smash…… can i send my dog to yall

  4. Stephanie

    I think that your training methods are awesome. I have met many dog trainers like this one and learned how to train dogs with propper praise and respect over 10 years. I am not a dog trainer just a normal person that has had many dogs in my life time. I recently got a Czech German Shepherd and since they arent good with other dogs I thought I needed a puppy training class for early socialization with other dogs. I was wrong the “trainers” were all teenagers they were annoying and rude all they wanted to do was pet my puppy and feed him tons of treats I was upset. If anyone knows any training services like this one near Idaho that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Javier Quinones

    its amazing how misunderstood and underestimated this breed is. ignorance doesnt realize how smart they are. i live in the virginia hampton roads and woul like to find a trainer or i will travel to ur free apbt program. thank you for any info

  6. caleb mcarthur

    can you give me an call at (856)451-4571 be cause my mother wants my 7 month pitbull to start being an guard dog of inside and also outside.So when you get this comment contect as fast as you can please mr.k-9 that you.

  7. hello, i have a puppy shes a hound will be a year in january, i sevlrey need some training for her in multiple ways ive done training before and she was perfect, now shes acting out again as her mommy ( me ) am not home as much as i used to be cause i work fulltime, she isnt home alone all the time tho my father or friends are there with her, i need prices for training if possible & would like to hear from you.Thank you GraceSincerly Brittany & Bailey..:)

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