”We know that a small representative should not embody the entire breed.”

We have repeatedly watched the American “Pit Bull” Terrier negatively displayed in the media as the dog from hell, uncontrollably violent, extremely dangerous, and exceedingly unpredictable. After experiencing this alarming publicity for the past 5 years or so, we should concur to feel that there would be a ban in place to do away with all American “Pit Bull” Terriers. However, after professionally training hundreds of American “Pit Bull” Terriers in areas of obedience, agility and personal protection over the same time span, we can testify that there are only but a handful of problem dogs, as is evident in any breed.

In the midst of being worn-out and fed up with this media crisis, we at Mr. K-9 Dog Training resolved to create a program that we are confident will improve the status of the American “Pit Bull” Terrier in today’s society. This program is offered FREE OF CHARGE for all untrained American “Pit Bull” Terriers

thus eliminating the inability to afford training as a reason for not training. This program would be short hence eliminating the idea that owners would not have time to commit to a training program. With all that being said, Mr. K-9 proudly announces the only program of this kind in the Chicagoland area!